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Bow arrow

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Archery performance does not only depend on the dexterity and balance of the shooter or the quality of the bow. The type of arrow used also has an importance in the accuracy of the shot.

If the arrows you use for archery are not well balanced, it will affect how far it will be propelled, as well as its speed and accuracy.

If it is important to have more than one string to your bow, it is just as important to be in possession of quality arrows, allowing you to achieve shots that meet your expectations.

Specializing in the world of archery, Donut Archery presents a wide range of arrows and arrow components, so that you can practice archery in the best conditions.

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Discover the different
types of arrows for bow

  • There are several types of bow arrows. Each type of arrow has particularities that it is
    important to take into account before making your choice. Indeed, not all types of arrows are necessarily suitable for all types of bows. To define the type of an arrow, we base ourselves on the material used for its tube (also called stem or barrel). We thus distinguish three types of arrows
  • Wooden arrows
  • Aluminum arrows
  • Carbon arrows

The choice of this or that type of arrow depends on the practice of archery (outdoors or indoors), but
also the type of bow used.

Wooden arrows are suitable for recurve bows and straight bows (“longbow”). This type of arrow has a more authentic appearance for archers wishing to use a recurve or straight wooden bow. Different types of wood can be used for the design of wooden arrows, but most of the time they are made of cedar, pine or spruce. Although they are appreciated for their aesthetics, wooden arrows are more fragile than other types of arrows.

Aluminum arrows are more precise and more versatile than wooden arrows. They are particularly used with recurve bows for indoor shooting, but they are also suitable for double curvature hunting bows, as well as compound bows. Arrows with an aluminum tube are widely used in archery clubs for indoor shooting.

Carbon arrows are the most common type of arrow used by archers. Highly appreciated for their versatility, they are in fact suitable for bow hunting as well as for sports shooting or recreational shooting. Carbon arrows are used with recurve bows for outdoor shooting, but also with longbows and compound bows for target shooting. The most experienced shooters
will also be able to turn to carbon aluminum arrows to obtain optimal shooting performance.

How to choose your arrows for archery? We guide you!

The choice of your arrows is as important as the choice of your bow. Adapted arrows will allow you to significantly improve the efficiency, speed and precision of your shots. Depending on the type of bow you want to use, you will need to choose certain types of arrows in particular.

However, the material of the arrow (wood, aluminum or carbon) is not the only criterion that must
influence your final choice. You also need to consider the size of your arrow. Indeed, depending on its size, an arrow will not necessarily correspond to all types of bows, or will require a specific power
to obtain the best possible trajectory. Several parameters must therefore be taken into account when choosing your arrows.

The first element to take into account
Consideration for choosing the correct arrow size is your draw length. He
is the distance between your hand that tightens the rope and the hand that holds the
handle when you are ready to shoot an arrow. This distance is expressed
in inches and depends on your body type. Depending on your reach, you
will have to choose an arrow long enough so that the bow is sufficiently
drawn when the tip of the arrow touches the arrow rest.

Also take into account the
power of your bow, which is expressed in pounds. According to this, you will have to
choose a more or less rigid arrow. Generally speaking, the greater the arc
used is powerful, the more rigid the arrow must be. The spine of an arrow
(its rigidity) is between 400 and 1,200 (400 corresponding to an arrow
very rigid and 1,200 with a very flexible arrow).

 Customize easily
your arrows and your bow from our wide selection!

Whatever the type of arrow
that you choose to practice archery, Donut Archery offers you
completely personalize your arrows, from feather to tip. The arrows
are in fact composed of several elements and each of these elements is
Customizable according to your preferences. You can thus easily
change the color of the feathers of your arrows or opt for a tip of
specific arrow according to your needs.

The arrow of a bow is made up of four main elements, which give it its shape and characteristics:

  • The point
  • The barrel (also called tube or rod)
  • Feather
  • The notch

The tip is the element that will
come into contact with the target. It is generally made of steel, but we
We also offer brass tips, compatible with plastic tubes.

The arrow tube is all
simply the body of the arrow. It is the element which determines its rigidity,
variable depending on the material used for its design.

The pen is what allows
to balance the arrow when it is in the air. Without a feather, the arrows
would often have a random trajectory. You will find on our site
plastic feathers and natural feathers.

Finally, the notch is the element that allows you to fix the
arrow on the string before shooting. Without a notch, the arrow would not be
stabilized, which would make shooting much more difficult and much less

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