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Accessoires tir à l'arc

Archery accessories

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If, on paper, owning a bow and arrow is enough to practice archery, in reality, it is a little more complicated than that. Archery is indeed a discipline requiring patience, rigor, but also suitable equipment. Whether to improve your shooting experience or optimize the performance of your bow, you will need to have numerous accessories to your disposition. Donut Archery presents its wide selection of accessories dedicated to archery, so that you can practice archery optimally.
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What are the essential accessories for archery?

There are a wide variety of accessories available to enhance the experience of practicing archery. Generally speaking, the choice of this or that accessory will depend on your specific needs depending on the activity you practice (recreational shooting, sports shooting or archery hunting). However, certain accessories are essential for practicing archery in the best conditions. The accessories that are considered basic for regular archery practice are as follows:

  • The quiver: to store your arrows and have them within reach.
  • The palette: for those who use a recurve bow. This accessory helps protect the archer's fingers, to avoid any injury following repeated friction with the string when shooting.
  • The release: an accessory with the same role as the blade, but for users of compound bows. The release works through a cocking system with a safety feature. Simply squeeze the trigger to release the string when the compound bow is at maximum tension.
  • The wrist strap: to prevent your bow from slipping out of your hands due to the power of the arrow's thrust.
  • The arm guard: a small accessory to prevent your bow string from rubbing on the skin of your forearm.
  • The bib: an accessory that is positioned on the torso. It helps protect your chest from repeated friction with your bow string.

Discover our wide selection of archery accessories

  • Equip and personalize your bow easily by choosing one of the many accessories we offer. The accessories you will find on Donut Archery are entirely dedicated to archery, but we also offer accessories for crossbows:
  • Replacement strings and cables for compound bows, crossbows or recurve bows.
  • Arrow rests for all types of bows, to give the arrow a support point when it is nocked.
  • Shepherds buttons, to adjust the spacing of the arrow on recurve bows in relation to the handle.
  • Stabilizers, to balance the bow and give it more stability when aiming.
  • Vibration dampers, to absorb vibrations from the limbs of your bow when releasing. They also help reduce the noise generated during shooting.
  • Covers and accessories for safely transporting your archery equipment.
  • String silencers to reduce the noise of your bow string.
  • Sighting accessories bringing together several types of sights: sights, scopes (magnifying lenses), eyecups, etc.
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