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Compound bow

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The compound bow is, along with the recurve bow, the type of bow most used by archery enthusiasts, whether amateurs or professionals. Perfectly suited for hunting and sport shooting, the compound bow is a high-performance type of bow, whose characteristics make it much more powerful than the recurve bow. If you are looking for a bow that is as powerful as it is precise, the compound bow is the model for you.

Donut Archery offers all archery enthusiasts, whether or not they have a license in an archery federation, a wide range of compound bows intended for hunting or sports shooting.

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Learn all about the advantages of the compound bow

Also called a "compound bow", the compound bow designates a specific type of bow, which differs from the straight bow and the classic bow by the singularity of its design. The compound bow owes its name to its design, based on the use of a system of cams (recognizable by their oval shape) and pulleys (identifiable by their circular shape) to propel the arrows with more power than all other types of bows.

By tensioning the ends of the bow, this system of cams and pulleys allows the archer to maintain his shooting position for longer, in order to restore maximum power to the arrow. The latter is thus propelled at a greater speed than with any other type of arc.

The compound bow is the type of bow offering the highest shooting speed. It owes this speed to its cam system, allowing archers to draw their bow to the maximum with minimal effort. They can therefore repeat the effort a large number of times in a short period of time, which makes the compound bow particularly efficient.

The shooting speed of a compound bow, however, varies depending on the type of cam used. Compound bows with hard cams shoot faster than models with soft cams.

Compound bows also prove to be very advantageous due to the stability they provide to shooters. This stability comes from the parallel arrangement of their branches. The force deployed is evenly distributed from one end of the arc to the other, which helps reduce recoil when shooting.

Compound bows are also equipped with an arrow rest, the role of which is to ensure better balance for the arrow when aiming. In addition to the arrow rest, most compound bows are also equipped with a sight, allowing greater precision when shooting. Due to the power it is able to deliver and the speed at which its arrows are propelled, the compound bow is the most popular type of bow for hunting and sport shooting. It guarantees high-level performance for professional archers, and allows bowhunting enthusiasts to be efficient and precise with each of their shots.

Discover our selection of spare parts to personalize your compound bow

In addition to our range of compound bows for hunting and compound bows for sports target shooting, we offer you a selection of spare parts which will allow you to personalize your compound bow as you wish, but also to optimize performance:

  • A grab handle with a deep, rounded grip for optimal stability when aiming
  • Rope stop ends
  • Module screws
  • Handle damper
  • Branch set
  • Stabilizing thread
  • Cable spreader screw